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We probably make the best investment for Disilicate ceramics in the world today.

Photo courtesy of Cosmodent, Malmö, Sweden using JPVest, Liquid and Emax®


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Not just another formula but fully engineered:

The only dental investment designed to bring out the best of Lithium Disilicate pressables such as eMax® by controlling and eliminating formation of the Reaction Layer  .

Beautiful restorations with exceptional detail:

Controls the formation of the dreaded Reaction Layer. For every 10 ingots pressed JPVest will save more than 2½ hours of technicians’ time in pickling and soaking in Hydrofluoric acid and trying to regain definition. Accurate details are reproduced time after time.

Time saving:

Saves not only lab time but also utilises much less aggressive and abrasive polishing media. Thereby maintaining the high strength of the Lithium Disilicate. Why press a beautiful object and then spend time reducing its strength.

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From our lab to yours:

Is derived from a world beating patent and our very own Research and Development.

Readily available:

Is now available on-line via our shop.  Click here to buy JP Vest.

Technical Support:

Via Skype, face-to-face or internet.  Click here for on-line Technical Support


JPLiquid - second

Now supplied with Freeze Indicator so you know your results are guaranteed, following all instructions, time after time.


Non-lumpy, spherical beads with closely controlled particle size distribution to provide the only gentle abrasion required after de-vesting. Supplied in useful pouches which stand up on the bench. As used in our own lab.


Dust-free, white blocky grains for general purpose blasting use.


Distributors welcome - call to set up an account.

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EMax is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent, Lichtenstein