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Welcome to

Just Pressables

Like getting rid of that Reaction Layer between other muffles and the Lithium Disilicate ceramic to providing wafer thin margins and crisp clear definition. See JPVest.


Like overcoming the concern of you the dental lab technician that perhaps your working and expansion liquid has travelled through freezing conditions rendering the liquid all but useless. See JPLiquid


Like providing spill-free pouches of the glass beads. See JPBeads


Just Pressables listens, applies its own solution to problems

through our own well-equipped and dedicated labs.


A refreshing and independent approach to an age-old problem

Just Pressables.




JPVest. How does it work?

Binder materials in the investment are totally engineered. This means that their characteristics are changed, either by use of Surface Reaction Control Agents or by encapsulation of the binder reagent, so that the overall particle size is reduced and surface defects derived from large or unreacted particles are eliminated.

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Innovation from listening to problems and finding a solution using our own ceramic knowledge and novel materials


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